Predictive Analytics At Your Fingertips

A Machine Learning software and services company that finds signals in a company’s data enabling decisions that result in top line and bottom line growth. The Inference Engine is our core technology that finds signals in all types of data sets, reacting in real-time or in batch mode, impacting sales strategy, marketing strategy, and even manufacturing processes. Our clients include large wireless cellular companies, certification services companies, retailers and e-tailers

The Opportunity

Customers are providing immense amounts of information about themselves, some of it can be captured in their transactions and purchases, however some of it is buried in conversations, dialogues and discussions. Most SaaS platforms are either optimized to handle structured data or they are optimized to handle unstructured data.

We are uniquely architected and optimized to handle both types of data sets. Using leading edge Big Data and Natural Language Processing approaches our adaptive platform works on both data sets to produce richer, more accurate and more targeted recommendations about each consumer.

Social Media Data. Our platform has the capability to churn through vast amounts of unstructured and structured data turning the learnings into model parameters that get applied at run-time.

Structured Data. Our adaptive analytics engine creates recommended actions across core variables in purchase data, factoring in product, time and customer and determining net actions personalized for each consumer and resulting in a truer personalization than seen before.

Continuous Model Improvement. Whether it is response to a campaign or it is unstructured communications in messages, emails, and blogs our adaptive engine profiles the customer’s response and feedback with the goal of iteratively improving the overall model.