About The Company

Our motivation behind Inference Analytics

As Big Data and Analytics veterans after having worked in all aspects of analytics ranging from data integration, business intelligence, reporting to machine learning algorithms, we have come to recognize that analytic solutions in todays world are missing the mark in a significant way. Most of the work being done today is in rear-view mirror analytics, in previous days this was known as Business Intelligence, today it is referred to as descriptive analytics, i,e, running reports on past trends. Expecting that people in todays world will be able to use these descriptive analytic reports and charts to determine what they should do going forward is wrong, this is like expecting the human brain or the manual processing of of a variety of charts and data sets will let customers accurately figure out what they should do going FORWARD. At Inference Analytics our focus is on enabling organizations to permeate predictive and prescriptive analytics throughout their decision making process, so organizations have a data driven way of making decisions. The work is done behind the scenes by the machine. We provide predictive recommendation engine technology or leverage open source state of the art algorithms as needed.

We recognize though that the power is not in creating the next best algorithm, while these predictions can continue to improve, at a certain point a few percentage point improvements will not change the business decision making process significantly. Power is in enabling every day business users, marketing managers, analysts and executives in getting access to these algorithms. Inference Analytics makes this access real. We have a platform that allows the most complicated algorithms to be packaged up into solutions, where powerful analytics are exposed through easy to use real world interfaces